The Fountain of Abundance


Konye Council prides herself on
supplying the best urban amenities to her population. Each
Konye Council project is designed according to the highest
quality standards – all while keeping our community and value
at the forefront.

The Fountain of Abundance

The Fountain of Abundance

Konye Council operates using a chain of impressive,
revolutionary, and functional Administrative initiatives. .
It combines incredible capacity building Trainings with refined
professional mentoring to achieve its maximum potential.

About Konye Konye Municipality, Council’s Leadership, Constituent Bodies & Communities

Konye is located along the Kumba – Mamfe road in, Meme division, in the South-west region of Cameroon. It is bounded in the north by Nguti council, the south by Kumba II & III councils, the East by Tombel council and in the West by Dikome Balue.

The Konye council was created in 1977 following presidential degree N° 77/203 of June 29 1977. It went operational in July 1978 with headquarters in Konye.

1.1.1.     Topography

It has an undulating topography of hills on the northern and western side and level lands in the south and Eastern side.

1.1.2.     Climate

The climate falls within the equatorial climate (Cameroon type) with an annual rainfall of 3000mm-4000mm. It is characterized by the wet and dry season, the dry season last from November to February, while the rainy season extends from March to October. The average annual temperature is 27 ° C.

1.1.3.     Soil

It has characteristic soft black, red, stony, sandy soil which is heavily leached during heavy rains. The soil is fertile for the production of cocoa and food crops.

1.1.4.     Hydrology

In addition, the district is watered, the Mungo, Mengeh, Moke, Nyale, are rivers that run through its frame and physical space. In addition, many other rivers, streams, springs waterfalls are visible at the village level.


Konye sub division is rich with the following mineral resources Stones for the extraction of gravel at Baduma and Mbakwa supe , Pouzzolane along the road to Bakole and Eboko bajou from the Konye market, sand along the villages of Baduma, Kokaka, Ngolo Bolo, Dikomi etc,  but the exploitation is very minimal.


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Your Elected Officials Konye Council’s Departments and Their Respective Responsibilities

Konye Council operates using a chain of impressive, revolutionary, and functional Administrative initiatives. It combines incredible capacity building Trainings with refined professional mentoring to achieve its maximum potential.

  • General Secretariat: 
    Keeps records of official documents, receives incoming mails, and dispatches outgoing mails. The general secretariat which is considered as the heart of the Council, is well staffed to handle its affairs. It is headed by the Secretary General who is in charge of Personnel Management, Financial control and Administrative support.
  • Municipal Treasury:
    Headed by the Municipal Treasurer who is the Chief Accountant of the Council. He pays all Council expenses and he is the custodian of Council Finances.
  • Stores Accounting:
    This Department is headed by the Stores Accountant who is in charge of administrative support, financial control and technical supervision.
  • Finance Department:
    With the Finance Officer as the head, this Department is charged with the preparation of payment vouchers, issuance of revenue collection orders to collectors, registering daily revenue and expenditure, and preparing management accounts yearly.
  • Taxation Office:
    It collects revenue and reinforces all revenue collection within the council area.
  • Town Planning:
    This Department studies building permit files and recommends to the Mayor for approval or rejection. It also studies applications for temporal authorisations and makes recommendations. It also makes studies as well as supervises council projects. It carries out control of construction works in the town.
  • Communication Office:
    It is in charge of producing and managing communication, within and with partners of the council.  Through the Council’s social media pages and website, it keeps the citizens informed of what the Council is doing, or planning to do.
  • Development Office:
    It is headed by the Council Development Officer charged with sourcing funds for council projects, conceiving and elaborating projects on economic development, and following up the implementation and update of the Council Development plan.
  • Private Secretariat:
    Headed by the Mayor’s Private Secretary whose main duties are to answer to phone calls, document, and direct people to the Mayor’s Office.
  • Civil Status Office:
    It is headed by the civil status secretary who is charged with the establishment of birth, marriage and death certificates, as well as the cross-checking of civil status registration certificates before legalisation.

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