Security Challenges Blocking Konye Emergence

The Mayor of the Konye Council, Dr Barrister Musima George Lobe has said that Konye must develop, the security challenges standing on the way of its progress must be dismantle or surmounted. He was speaking during the second ordinary session of Konye Council for 2019 to examine and adopt the budget of of the Council for the 2020 financial year.

The session took place under the watchful eyes of of the second Assistant SDO for Meme, Njonje Hermia.

Mayor Musima George said from a critical survey conducted by some Patriots, it emerged that within a check list of 5 major problems confronting Konye, the pendulum has shifted from the lack of roads to insecurity.

He cited the urgent need for the realization of a project to extend electricity from the gateway of the municipality at Ikiliwindi to Konye main town. The project had been stalled because some of the equipment for the project have been abandoned at Ikiliwindi since the crisis began in the NW and SW Regions.

Mayor Musima presented an avalanche of projects that were budgeted for this year but which have not been realized . He cited notably the guest house complex in Konye, the extension of the 3 phase electricity power project in Matoh town, construction of an integrated Health center at Matondo II, Construction of business center in Konye town, rehabilitation of the Dipenda Koba road among others.

The aforementioned projects Musima emphasized , could not be realized due to insecurity caused by the Anglophone crisis. He lamented that due to insecurity Pupils and Students have not gone to school ever since the crisis degenerated into an arm conflict. Teachers, Farmers, and Business people he noted are forced to stay at home to operate under conditions that expose them to financial drain, while the population are napping, maiming, physical and psychological torture, property invasions, sexual harassment, forced recruitment, financial extortion etc.

The population has been forced to an old stone age, inhuman habit of living in the bushes under untold hardship, while others have acquired IDP’s status in and around Konye Municipality.

This notwithstanding, Mayor Musima thanked the Head of state for some measures taken to quell down the crisis, notably the establishment of the National Demobilization Disarmament and Reintegration Center, DDR, , the Emergency Humanitarian Assistance Plan, Amnesty for those arrested as a result of the crisis and above all the convening of the major National Dialogue whose recommendation are expected to be implemented sooner or later.

for her part, the second assistant SDO for Meme, used the occasion to remind the Municipal councilors that the convening of the Municipal and Parliamentary elections has suspended the signatures of the Mayors, Municipal Treasurers and Secretary Generals of Councils.

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