Konye Mayor and Deputies Sworn-In

The President of the Meme Court of First Instance, Hannah Itoe Epouse Egbe, has challenged the new Mayor and Deputies of the Konye Council to work hand in glove with the the population for better results and subsequently win their confidence.

She was speaking Friday March 13, 2020 at the Meme High Court as the Mayor and Deputies took oath of office. She urged the Mayor and Deputy Mayors to pay attention to documents that will come before them for signature relating to the court like birth certificates, marriage and death certificates amongst others. She said the problem of alteration is not the competence of the Council but the court as stipulated by the law in force.

The seasoned Magestrate urged the Mayor and his Deputies to be responsible and reminded them that they will be held accountable should they contravene the law.

In his submission, the State Counsel for Meme division, Justice Afar Emmanuel Annah, said the Mayor and Deputies having fulfilled all the requirements as prescribed by the law, it was normal that they complete the judicial exercise which is going to equip them to sign very important documents of the Council. Justice Afah said the wish and aspiration of the people is that they have a better municipality than they met. He called on the Council authorities to preserve and maintain Council property and asserts, manage revenue, supervise Council services and accounts, issue building and demolishing permits as well as land use authorization and above all perform their role as Council authoring Officers.

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