Konye Council Handover Assistive And Covid-19 Materials To Population

The Lord Mayor of the Konye Council, Dr Barrister Musima George Lobe has handed some consignment of Clovid-19 Kits and Assistive Devices to the population of Konye.

The twin event that took place at the office premise on March 26, 2021, was done in the presence of the Divisional Officer for Konye, Atta Moses Ndep.

Addressing the population, Mayor Musima George Lobe thanked the Traditional Rulers and the Beneficiary that turned out for the event. He said the Traditional Rulers are Flag bearers in their various communities to transmit the news about the second wave of the disease and also to spread out the good news on how the government is fighting against it.

Mayor Musima George Lobe pointed out that, it was the second time the government has embarked on a fruitful campaign to fight against the spread of the deadly disease in his Municipality. Last year, he quipped the government through the Divisional Officer for Konye sent some consignments of Covid -19 Kits to fight against the pandemic.

Mayor Musima cautioned his population to guard against the killer disease whose second wave is not only fast spreading but alarming in the world today. He called on the various actors and the population to join him in the fight against the disease by respecting the various barrier measures put in place by the Government and the United Nations Organisation  which includes  social distancing, regular washing of the hands, wearing of Face masks and the sanitizing of the hands among others.

The Materials donated comprises of Buckets taps, Face masks, Sanitisers, Soaps, Spraying Cans, and others.

Mayor Musima George Lobe also used the occasion to handover assistive devices to the some 25 Disable persons in the Municipality which comprised of Wheelchairs, White canes and crutches.

Corroborating the Mayor was the Divisional Officer for Konye, Atta Moses Ndep who cautioned the population to strictly adhere to the barrier measures in order to avoid the spread of the disease in the community.

The event also witnessed in the presence of the Regional Councilors from  Sub- Division.