Insecurity Halting Development In Konye



Dr Barrister Musima George Lobe, Mayor of the Konye Council
The Lord Mayor of the Konye Council, Dr Barrister Musima George Lobe says insecurity in the NW and SW region and Konye inclusive has made Government and Local services to operate out of their jurisdiction. He added that Businesses and communities have been grossly displaced making it difficult for the Council to amplify its mission.

Mayor Musima George Lobe was speaking during the 2021 budgetary session of the Council on December 15, 2020 in Konye. The insecurity he harped, is further worsened by the inability of Contractors to realize developmental projects as they are constantly being harassed by the Separatist Fighters and Armed gangs.

Some of the Projects he pointed out has been halted due to insecurity are;-

The provision of solar street light in Konye Town

The construction of a block of two classrooms at Konye Town

The construction of a guest complex in Konye Town

The construction of 2 classrooms and a toilet at G.S. Kumbe

The rehabilitation of the Matoh water project

The construction of integrated health center in Matondo II

The construction and equipment of two classroom and a toilet at G.S. Ifanga II

The construction of two classrooms at G.S. Bosaka

The construction of a staff house at G.S. Old Town Mbu

The rehabilitation of the Dipenda- Koba road

The rehabilitation of the Mofako-Matoh Butu road

The rehabilitation of streets in Konye Town

The rehabilitation of the farm to market road (Ikiliwindi-Mongo Bridge)

The rehabilitation of the Matondo II-Ediki Mbonge road

The construction of a bridge across river mungo at Ngolo Bolo.

A Cursory look of the projects , he said revealed that they are to  improve the standard of the population. He thanked the Government for renewing the credits of the Projects for future realization.

For  some of the Projects budgeted in 2021 we have;-


Construction of integrated health center at G.S. Wone

Provision of solar street lights in Konye Metropolis


Rehabilitation of streets in Konye Town


Provision of equipment to vulnerable population of Konye Sub Division


Completion works of the Konye Council guest complex

The provision of a 4=4 Double cabin pick up


Supply of medical equipments to

Integrated Health center- Mbakwa Supe

Integrated health center-Ibemi

Integrated health center-Ikiliwindi

Integrated health center-Kurume

Integrated Health center- Wone

Integrated health center Matondo II

Integrated health center Kokobuma

Integrated health center Matoh Butu

The  Council he said has budgeted the sum of 750,000,000 frs cfa  with investment revenue of 50.27 percent

He called on  the Government to provide the needed security for the Council  and other Government services to swing into it developmental drive.


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